70's Disco Template

70's Disco Template

70's Disco Template/Project


  • Highly anticipated 70's disco project. Studio 54 here we go! 
  • Fully working project for Cubase Pro 9.5 and above
  • Steinberg onboard Retrologue, Groove Agent SE 5, Halion Sonic SE requied
  • Standard Groove Agent SE 5 content (drum kits) requied
  • Standard Cubase Pro loops content requied
  • Additional WAV sounds and loops in project's Audio folder
  • Mixing and Mastering done using stock Cubase Pro 9.5 and above
  • Special MIDI Cubase project included to use with your own strings library
  • Vocals in demo song are for reference only and are not included in this project. Read "Read Before Opening.pdf" file to know how to replace it with your own recording.


This is highly requested 70's disco project/template. Real drums, natural sounding intruments, and obviously the strings. Strings in this project have been created in a separate project using Steinberg's amazing Iconica library and then exported into few loops used in this project. You can use any other strings library such as Native Instruments Session Strings or any other to create your own disco melodies. All you have to do is to replace our strings loops with your own orchestral sounds. There is a second project called "Midi Project for Strings Library.cpr". This is where I composed the strings with Iconica. You can use any other strings library you have installed. To give this project more modern punch the "real" drums have been layered with modern kick drum and other percussive elements. 


This project is royalty free and can be modified in any way.



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