Why this website is important

Well, to be honest I had a small argument on one Cubase users Facebook group over this website. Some guys seriously doubt the idea. On the other hand I already have customers that are happy with their purchases. I always try to ask them for feedback and gain as many information as possible like why they came to this website, what made them to buy one of the templates and what they want to find here in the future. What I have learned is very interesting.

The largest group of customers is people who treat those templates as learning tools. Many of aspiring producers look for answers, want to learn new things or face problems that are quite common in the music production process. One of the customers said "I had problems with the low end and how to mix kick and bass". It sounds like an elementary thing especially in the modern dance music. However there are many people who still have problems with that. The other one said "I saw your Youtube tutorial with Modern Disco. I wish you can do the same with a template using Cubase tools". In the video tutorial I used a lot of Native Instruments Kontakt libraries but Cubase stock content is as good as the one from NI. People want to learn new things and sometimes online tutorials are not enough.

The other group of customers are professionals that have been asked to do a song in style they have never done before. What takes an EDM producer just minutes is a struggle for a person who produced only rock or live pop. What synth obsessed sound designing nerds do is witchcraft for those who just compose and write songs and rely on presets only. That is why it takes hours for me to analyze a certain style or bunch of songs before I start to work on a template. Then more hours to find the way how to recreate things using stock tools. I do the job that many professionals do not have time to do. It is the same with web designers, graphic artists, video animators. They all use templates to save time because time is money.

There might be more reasons for people to use templates. At the end of the day it is their own creativity that takes over and they will come up with something new and interesting that will be based on those templates.


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