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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

I posted a new project in style of 80's synth pop. The early Madonna's songs, Janet Jackson hits and many more great singers from that era made songs in this style.

As usual before making any project I did my research and that means I listened to many songs from that style to find the most common elements. When it comes to 80's synth pop it is all about the snare. Yes, not the kick drum like nowadays when everything is based on a strong and loud kick. 80's songs were very "thin" in the low end and the whole rhythmic groove hook was based on huge snare drums with very large reverbs. If you will open the project you will see how loud the drum reverb is. The other elements are obviously the "analogue" synths. It is called "synth pop" for the reason. Cubase Pro has plenty of sounds from that era in its armory. Steinberg is working very closely with Yamaha who produced the most iconic synthesizer from the 80's - Yamaha DX7. That is why there are plenty of such particular sounds in Halion Sonic stock library. It is like having Yamaha Motif in your disposal. Just to mention - Steve Wonder is using Motif keyboard during his live concerts because of its sounds.

The rest was just finding a cool bass sound from Retrologue and to program the rest of the drums accordingly to the time period. I must say I have had a lot of fun doing this project. It is so simple and complex in the same time. Not many instruments however all of them had to be programmed and mixed in a particular way to get the desired result.

In the days when nostalgia is taking the main role in the contemporary music I think doing something new based on the 80's sounds is the way to go.

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