Pigments by ARTURIA

I came across a very interesting alternative to the popular synths like Spire or Serum. It's called Pigments and it is from Arturia. The company known for its amazing analog synths emulations. What is special about this particular synth is that it combines analog synthesis with wavetable synthesis. Very advanced envelope modulation section is also allowing you to be very creative in sound design. All those features will give you countless possibilities and really great results. They also have 30 days demo so you can play with it and decide if it is worth your money.

The only issue I have with this synth is the lack of cool and modern presets. When you are going through presets in Serum you immediately go "wow this is it!". With Pigments you might be disappointed in this area. I can see that this synth has a lot of potential however you just can not hear it just by listening to the factory presets.

When I reviewed this synth on my Youtube channel it was the first version of Pigments. I see Arturia is advertising heavily the second version of this synth and most possible they addressed this issue. Still this 30 days demo will give you loads of fun and maybe convince you to buy it.


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