Moving to the new place

As you maybe know I'm working with one of Malta's major recording and music production studios Wicked and Loud. The reason for me not posting new templates in the last week not to mention brand new tutorials is that I'm slowly moving my studio to the W&L main facilities. I will have my own production room as well as the rest of the studio's facilities to my disposal on the daily basis. I'm very excited about it. There will be more ways to document and actually show you the real studio work not just with me but also with other producers, composers, songwriters and artists. Over 2 years ago I took this bold decision and move from Poland to Malta. I closed my recording studio in Warsaw and moved most of my life to this amazing island. Working with the amazing W&L people and especially with the support of the company's owner Elton Zarb, I can finally say I have my dream job in paradise.

Stay tuned for more great stuff coming soon here in CTS


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