Impossible rock template

Few people asked me to make a rock template. I must explain why it is simply impossible to prepare one template for every rock band session. First of all each band is different. They have different instruments, they use different setups, they have different number of band members, they record in various studios that also have different equipment setups. It is simply impossible to create one template/project/session to cover all those aspects. Every rock session is different and unique. The only way to speed up your workflow is simply experience and knowledge.

What I always suggest is to check "Produce Like a Pro" YouTube channel. This guy is amazing and he concentrates mostly on live pop and rock. He uses Pro-Tools but if you are experienced Cubase Pro user you can use the same techniques. Personally I learned a lot from his videos.

Still I will appreciate any suggestions what kind of music styles you want to find here. Send me an email or write me in the chat box below. Send me some examples, YT links, songs you like.


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