I can't go out!!!

well I can but just to do some shopping, buy essential things, go out with the dogs etc. Going to work in the studio is one of the "non essential" things that are prohibited. That is why I moved some of my toys back home. And If you look at my setup it is pretty simple but works:

- The heart of the system is obviously my MacBook Pro with Cubase Pro and a lot of other stuff installed

- I Use AIAIAI TMA2 Studio headphones with Sonarworks correction software. They both provide a great listening experience.

- My UAD Apollo - can't work without it.

- M-Audio Keyboard. There are plenty f midi keyboards in the studio and I just took this one because it is lighter than the other ones.

- The GoPro clone camera and the RodeNT2 microphone is for broadcasting streams and tutorials online.

Thats about it if you were wondering why I moved back home. Anyways I will keep producing more templates now. Stay tuned

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