How I recreated Lola's Theme by The Shapeshifters for a client.

I was asked by a clinent to recreate the iconic club track Lola's Theme by The Shapeshifters. The client wanted it in stems for live gigs. I did it as close to the original as possible however I posted a short video of my version along with the original on few Facebook groups. That created a shockwave. People started to ask me how I did it. So let me explain in details. I sampled the same original song as the Shapeshifters. There is one part in the beginning and a small one or two seconds part in the middle of the song they used. I did the same. When it comes to drums I stole the kick and snare from the Lola's track, the rest is combination of loops and samples from F9 Audio and Vengeance. Then I had to play the bass line. I used NI Scrambee MM-Bass with NI Guitar Rig. For brass I used standard Halion Sonic with one layer of brass section and second layer of tuba playing the melody. They are panned a bit left with the delay on the right. There are very subtle strings from Nexus in the chorus. Later there is a plunked guitar. The Shapeshifters must have used some kind of loop. I recreated it with midi and found a similar sound in Halion. I processed it with Guitar Rig and a bit of Cubase flanger. The rest is just the mix and arrangement. The original track sound wider most possibly because of mid/side mastering when I placed only a limiter on the master channel. I hope it will help.

Watch this short video with the original and my version of this iconic track.

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