Disco House Tutorial

The Disco House template was a great move and some of my clients was very happy to see it in the CTS website. If you want to get deeper into disco house territory here is the step by step tutorial about how to make a classic Moto Blanco disco house style track/remix. What I have not said in the video is that exploring this music will also let you expand your knowledge as a musician. Why? Such tracks in many cases are cool remixes and when you start working on a remix all you have is simply just a vocal acapella. Then you have to figure out yourself what chords the original song had used or what kind of chords will be similar but more like house music. This style seems simple with just 4 chords progressions however a smart use of inversions or more soul/jazzy four finger chords (7th for example) will give your track this particular feeling of the disco house style. Since when it comes to be a musician I'm originally a drummer I might prepare some music theory tutorials in the future.


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