Countdown to the grand opening

Yes its gonna be very soon! Some people already did some orders but I strongly suggest to wait until the final shop opening. The first reason is very obvious. Those who will the first to subscribe to the mailing list, like the Facebook Page or members of some Cubase Facebook groups will receive the special promo discount code to all products.

Second reason is that I still have some issues with PayPal pending payments. It means that PayPal must verify some of the transactions within few days before completing the order. I already contacted them several times about this annoying issue. I hope it will be resolved quickly however if you still will not receive the download link just after completing your purchase, let me know immediately. I will do it manually.

Another reason is also very simple - there will be more products to choose from. There are still many styles I want to cover with my projects. I do them as quickly as possible but I also work in the studio every day with my usual customers.

There are some requests for certain styles. I promise to do them asap. There are still few projects that I must finish first.

My first and foremost goal is your customer satisfaction. That is why I am working hard to resolve all the problems at this early stage and react quickly if any other issues will appear in the future.



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