You ask, I answer

What is the software requirements?

As I write below every project. All you need is Cubase Pro at least version 9.5 with all the content installed. It means instruments such as Halion Sonic or Groove Agent SE will be able to load the standard sounds such as drum kits and other media. I came across few cases where some of my users had to load the sounds manually (Groove Agent SE) or did not have the Padshop installed. This is caused by faulty Cubase installation. Find the missing sound libraries on your hard drives manually.

Missing WAV (Audio) files

In some projects I use acapellas, vocals or sounds that are not in standard Cubase Pro installation. They are all placed in the "Audio" folder in the main project. When opening project Cubase might ask you where they are. Find them there.

For reference ONLY some demo songs use copyrighted acapellas that are owned by their lawful owners. That is why they are not included in the projects. Read a short PDF tutorial placed in the project folder called "Read Before Opening" to learn how to record and place your own vocals into the template.

Can I open those projects on Cubase Artist or Cubase Elements?

Theoretically yes but there are some plugins exclusive to Cubase Pro. One of them is very powerful EQ plugin called Frequency that is way more versatile than the standard channel strip equalizer. There are some extra saturation and distortion plugins. I use it a lot to shape the sounds, on the master bus or in the arrangement. Without those the project will not sound the way it should. That is why I strongly recommend to upgrade to Cubase Pro. That will give you the real power. Don't miss the next Steinberg 50% upgrade promotion.

Can I modify your project and release as my own?

Of course YES! That is the general idea of this service. All projects are royalty free and you are free to use them, modify them and change whatever you want. However be creative - you don't want your song to be the same as some other producers that bought the same project, right? :) 

I do drum and banjo ghotic progressive grunge hard style techno and you don't have this style

If there is a style that I have not covered with my projects, feel free to write me a message. I will try to make one in the future. But please don't ask me for reggae ton, schlager music, turbo folk and disco polo.

How often you publish a new project?

I try to do it as frequent as possible. Usually one a week. That is why you should definitely subscribe to my mailing list, my Youtube channel and be up to date with the latest projects, tutorials and other special Cubase content.

Will you have subscription service?

I am working on it. You will be able to access to all the content, projects old and new, special tutorials, step by step videos and some extra goodies just with one monthly or annually subscription. More info coming soon.

I downloaded and opened the project but I still don't get it

If you asked this question you must be new to Cubase and music production. Don't worry. You can always send me a message, check my tutorial videos or subscribe to my Cubase course (coming soon). Most of the free educational stuff you can find in my Blog section or in my Youtube channel. 

I love your stuff, can you make a song/track just for me?

Sure I can. This is my work. Please contact me and tell me what you have in mind.

I have problems with my payment or download

This website is using third party secure payment system provided by the WIX platform that should work flawlessly. If there are any problems please let me know and I will resolve the problem with the companies that are handling the payments.
If you for some reason could not download your purchased project let me know. I will send it to you directly.